Why Hyundai Finance has been in limbo for months as it tries to negotiate a deal with the Trump administration

Hyundai Finance, the parent company of Hyundai Motor, has been on a steady roller coaster ride since President Donald Trump took office in January.

Since the start of his presidency, Hyundai Finance’s stock has lost nearly $1bn, but has managed to survive as Trump has sought to impose new economic restrictions and regulations on the automaker.

It has already received a $10.4bn loan from the federal government.

But it has struggled to get a deal signed, with its board saying last month it would not take an offer from the Trump Administration, even after a flurry of calls to its parent company.

Hyundai Finance has only managed to get its loan approved by the Department of Finance, which would give it access to a variety of funds, including funds set up by the government for other industries and agencies.

The company also has to get approval from the U.S. Treasury Department, which requires a US Treasury Secretary to be on the board.

The Treasury Department said on Tuesday it was reviewing the proposal, which could still be approved, but would not comment further.

At the same time, Trump has taken a more hawkish stance on the auto industry, including his recent call to cancel $1.7bn in U.N. aid to auto industry companies, and a decision by the president to end all subsidies for automakers.

Many of the industry’s biggest players, including Ford Motor, Toyota and General Motors, have also had to struggle to raise capital.

Last month, Hyundai Financial’s board said it would delay making the payment to the UAW until after the US elections.

The UAW has not responded to requests for comment.

The deal, which has yet to be approved by Congress, could be worth as much as $30bn for Hyundai Finance and its other parent company, the American First Finance Group.

Hyundai Finance was formed in 2014 and has an investment grade rating from Standard & Poor’s.

However, the deal with Trump could be complicated by the fact that Hyundai Finance does not have a US corporate parent and is not part of a US government.

It is also dependent on US government support to operate, as well as the US government’s willingness to fund its activities in a way that does not impact other U.s. government agencies.

According to the deal, Hyundai finance would be given $8bn to fund projects in areas such as infrastructure, energy, research and development, and manufacturing.

It would also receive $1 billion in funding for the UFW, and it would also get $2bn to pay dividends on its debt.

Hyundai finance is also given $2.5bn for its investment in the US military, with another $4.5b earmarked for other infrastructure projects in the United States.

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