How to buy a $10K home on Fidelity – video

By now, you’ve heard about the great things Fidelity is doing with their Fidelity Savings Plan.

The company is getting into the mobile banking space, and they are starting to bring some real estate experts on board.

Now, Fidelity’s financial advisory team is also bringing in a financial expert from the city of Newark.

According to a release from Fidelity, Newark is the first city in the country to be able to open up Fidelity accounts on their own for people who don’t have a financial adviser.

And that’s where the team is coming in.

Fidelity will be the first financial advisor to offer an on-site financial adviser in New Jersey, and Newark is getting to use Fidelity to help make that happen.

Fidelity will also be the financial advisor on the first Fidelity prepaid debit card that will allow customers to spend money anywhere in the world.

Fiduciary’s Jason Tullis is on the Fidelity team in Newark. 

The Newark team is looking to connect Fidelity with people who have experience in real estate, and with Fidelity being the first bank to offer such a program.

Fiduciaries will be able bring in an adviser from Newark who can work with Fiditors clients and help them understand what they are getting into, the release said.

Feditors new Fidelity Account will allow people to use debit cards from anywhere in America to purchase real estate.

And if they want to use their debit cards for a car, they’ll be able do so with FIDuciary, according to the release.

FID was not immediately available for comment.

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