Finance guru Amil Fadnavis on whether India is the next Singapore: ‘The market has not grown any faster than Singapore’

Fadni is one of India’s most successful finance pros and has become an investor favourite.

But in a recent interview with The Times of India, he was blunt in his assessment of the country’s prospects and said that the country needs to be more assertive in its governance.

“The market is not growing any faster or slower than Singapore.

There is not much money being invested in the economy in India.

I think it will take at least five years for the market to grow faster,” he said.

“There is not enough capacity in the Indian economy to be able to compete with Singapore.

We need to be proactive and make investments.

We can make investments that will help the economy grow.

The market has to grow and expand in a timely manner and it will help us in that.”

Fadnavi is a member of the Financial Planning Board of the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and a former director of McKinsey & Company.

He joined the fund in March 2017.

Fadni said the global financial services market is “in a bubble”, adding that India is one among many countries that has been in a bubble.

“In a market where there is an excess of liquidity, there is a huge mismatch between supply and demand,” he added.

“The problem is, we have the capacity to make investments but we are not able to take those investments.

So we are in a liquidity trap,” Fadnis added.

It will hurt us in the long run. “

Investment in India will not help us achieve our growth goals.

India’s economy has been slow growing for a long time and the global market has been stagnant for a longer time. “

India needs to make the investments that help it grow faster.

“It is not a question of if but when the markets will change and the market will grow faster.””

It is not a question of if but when the markets will change and the market will grow faster.”

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