How to pay your mortgage in Toledo

A Toledo man is hoping to convince lenders he’s worth the money he borrowed.

Brian O’Leary has been living in Toledo since January with his wife, two daughters and his parents.

Brian and his wife say they’ve borrowed $10,000 for their two homes, but the interest has been a problem.

He’s got more than $6,000 in credit card debt.

Brian’s been in and out of the hospital since May.

He says he’s been living paycheck to paycheck, but he hasn’t had much money in the bank.

His main source of income is a $40,000 loan he received from the city of Toledo’s Community Reinvestment Fund.

Brian says he has been trying to get his loan refinanced, but no one has been willing to work with him.

Brian has been using the help of his parents, who own a small business and also own a business in Toledo.

They’re in the process of putting a new roof over their business.

Brian said they’re also trying to find another way to pay off their loan, but they’re having trouble finding any financial professionals willing to help them.

We’re looking for someone who can take a little bit of a step forward.

We just need a little help.

Brian said.

Brian is still working hard to get back on his feet, but his wife says they’ll be forced to close their businesses if they don’t make enough money to pay back their loan.

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