Which stocks are undervalued?

The G-man of the stock market is getting a bit tired of being overlooked, and that’s putting pressure on his rivals.

And it’s not because they’re not doing well.

As the price of a stock falls, a competitor who was once the most valued company on the planet will fall too.

The G and A team at Bloomberg Intelligence are tracking these trends.

We’ve tracked the market for nearly a decade, but now that the stockmarket is so volatile and the market is moving so fast, we’re starting to see it happening with more and more companies, too.

This article is part of Bloomberg Technology’s “Overvalued” series.

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Facebook 2.

Facebook has more than $1.7 trillion in cash and marketable securities.

Its market cap is about $5.7 billion.

It’s worth about $600 billion.3.

LinkedIn 4.

LinkedIn’s stock has fallen more than 7 percent in the past year.

Its stock has about $1 billion of cash and about $400 million in marketable debt.5.

The Nasdaq Composite Index has fallen nearly 1,000 points in 2017.

Its average price is now around $20 a share.6.

The S&P 500 has fallen 1,150 points in the same period.

Its index has dropped 1,400 points in that time.7.

Netflix 8.

Netflix has lost $5 billion in market value since 2015.

Its shares have lost $1,300 a share in the process.9.

Twitter 10.

Twitter’s stock is down more than 30 percent this year.

Shares are down more that 50 percent since 2015, making it worth about twice what it was in 2020.11.

Microsoft 12.

Microsoft has $1 trillion in market-beating cash and a market cap of about $16.5 billion.

Its cash is worth $15.4 billion.13.

Uber 14.

Uber’s stock fell more than 6 percent this past year, and its market cap fell more.

It has about a billion dollars of cash on hand and a value of about one billion.15.

LinkedIn 16.

LinkedIn has about half a billion shares outstanding, which it could sell and sell again if it wants to make money.

Its net worth is about half that of its peers.17.

Airbnb 18.

Airbnb’s stock market value has fallen by more than 20 percent in 2016.

It could be worth less than $10 a share now.19.

Apple 20.

Apple’s stock could fall by as much as 30 percent by 2019, making the company worth less now than it was just a few years ago.21.

Netflix 22.

Netflix’s stock dropped by more the past two years.

It was worth less then a few months ago.23.

Amazon 24.

Amazon’s stock price could fall as much or more than half a percentage point from its current level by 2019.25.

Netflix 26.

Netflix is down by about 4 percent in 2017, and could be losing money in 2019.27.

Google 28.

Google’s stock was up more than 5 percent in December, but is now down about 4.5 percent.

It is worth less today than it once was.29.

Twitter 30.

Twitter is down about a quarter of a percentage points since November.

It should have been worth about 10 times as much in 2017 as it is now.31.

LinkedIn 32.

LinkedIn is down a quarter as much since November as it was before.

Its share price has fallen about 8 percent since 2020.33.

Facebook 34.

Facebook’s stock rose more than 4 percent during the past 12 months.

But it fell by as little as 1 percent in 2019, and is now trading at a loss.35.

Apple 36.

Apple has $200 billion in cash on its balance sheet, including about $80 billion in money from its IPO in June.

Its total market value is about six times that of the next closest competitor, Google.37.

Yahoo 37.

Yahoo is down less than a third from its 2016 peak, but it has $10 billion in total market capitalization.38.

Snapchat 39.

Snapchat’s stock plunged more than 3 percent in a single day in 2017; it’s now down more then 2 percent.40.

Spotify 41.

Spotify’s stock declined more than 10 percent in five days in 2017 and is down another 7 percent this month.42.

Pinterest 43.

Pinterest’s stock went up more then 4 percent this quarter and is currently down 2 percent, making this one of the most undervalued stocks on the markets.44.

Google 46.

Google has $4.9 trillion in net worth.

Its financials are now worth about three times as big as its rivals.45.

Facebook 46.

Facebook is down 4 percent from its 2017 peak, which is now less than half the value it had just two years ago, according to its financials.46a.

Facebook 47.

Facebook fell by a quarter in the

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