The most important companies for your next investment

Canada’s economy has been on the upswing since the summer of 2016, but it’s not all good news for big oil.

A slew of new companies has sprung up, from a new wave of venture capitalists to a slew of high-tech start-ups that are poised to disrupt the Canadian energy industry.

Here’s what you need to know about them.1.

Big Oil and Gas: The new breed of investors are looking to buy oil companies.

There’s been a spike in interest in oil and gas over the last few years, as new oil producers have come online, the price of oil has fallen, and the U.S. and China are tightening sanctions.

Investors are also starting to look to buy Canadian oil assets that haven’t been available for years.

“A lot of the big oil companies have a very aggressive view of the market and are looking at acquisitions as they see an opportunity,” said Adam Leberstein, an energy expert at the University of Alberta.

“They’re not really taking an active position in the market but are looking for opportunities.”

Investors have also been looking for the opportunity to tap into Canadian gas.

Canada’s gas market is a major part of the economy.

Gas is used to heat homes and power businesses, and its prices are generally low.

The cost of gas is also falling, which means more consumers are able to buy gas for less money than they would pay for electricity.

The new wave investors are starting to take a more active role in the gas market.

The Toronto-based investment group Pembina, which is led by former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, has bought a controlling stake in the world’s largest producer of natural gas, Kinder Morgan.

It’s the largest acquisition in Canadian history.

The group bought the Calgary-based gas firm in December.2.

Canadian Coal: This is the second biggest energy company in Canada after Royal Dutch Shell.

The Canadian Coal Group, a joint venture between Canadian Coal, Canada’s largest mining company and the Alberta-based Royal Dutch Oil, is also a venture capital firm.

It has been acquiring Canadian coal assets in an effort to create a more diversified resource for Canadian coal.

In December, it bought a 49.7 per cent stake in Canada’s third largest coal producer, Canadian Uranium, for $1.1 billion.

Canada is Canada’s biggest producer of coal, and it has been increasing its share of global supply.

Canadian Urania currently owns the largest share of Canada’s coal reserves.3.

Enbridge Energy: Enbridge has made a name for itself in the oil and natural gas sector.

It was acquired by Suncor Energy in 2014 for $3.5 billion.

It owns oil sands assets, as well as oil and mineral rights.

En Bridge is also an investor in natural gas.

En Passie, an Enbridge subsidiary, is a Canadian oil sands subsidiary that owns assets across the country.

En passie is also owned by Enbridge.4.

Royal Dutch Petroleum: The Canadian company was founded in 1899 and operates in the North Sea.

The company owns more than 40 hydroelectric dams, including the Fort St. John dam, one of the largest in the country, which was completed in 2015.

Royal Netherlands owns the oil sands, but has a smaller stake.

The Royal Dutch Energy is the largest energy producer in Europe.

It is one of Canada ‘s biggest oil and chemicals companies.5.

Kinder Morgan: This company was started in 2008 by former oil executive John Trigley.

Kinder, which has a market value of $12.5-billion, has also recently announced plans to buy a majority stake in a Canadian tar sands producer, Suncor.

Kinder’s interest in the tar sands is largely focused on its oil sands operations in Alberta.

Kinder is looking to build a pipeline system from Alberta to the Pacific Ocean, which would cut into the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Alaska.

Its pipeline system is also proposed to run through parts of British Columbia.6.

Natural Resources Canada: The federal government regulates and supervises Canadian energy production, distribution and transportation.

The department has been cracking down on companies that are polluting the environment or causing spills.

It regulates the oil industry, mines, and other sectors that are critical to the country’s economy.

The government is also responsible for enforcing environmental regulations.

The Energy Minister has issued new regulations that will require oil companies to clean up spills and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as methane, that are released from their operations.7.

Shell Canada: Shell is the world ‘s largest oil and Gas producer, with more than 1,600 operating platforms around the world.

It produces nearly a third of the world oil.

In the U, the company owns and operates the world´s largest gas fields and refineries.

It also operates the Canadian Coast Guard.8.

Petrobras: The largest company in Brazil has been the target of a series of probes by Brazilian regulators over its involvement in the Petro

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