Google: It is not in your best interest to buy equipment from India

India’s biggest e-commerce platform, Google, has rolled out a pilot program for buying equipment from Indian suppliers and will use the proceeds to help its employees in India.

The company said on Tuesday that it has been looking for a buyer to buy its products and would be able to get financing for its employees through a partnership with Amur Equipment Finance.

Google had launched a pilot programme for buying from Indian manufacturers and suppliers in September, and the company said it had received about 50 orders for its products so far.

The move came after the US tech giant was hit by a series of accusations of bias in the country’s e-tailer market in the wake of an e-factory in Goa that has faced allegations of using child labour.

Google said it would also be providing scholarships to students of Goa-based technology companies to study there.

The Goa plant has also faced a series in recent months of alleged abuses, including the death of a factory worker on December 13, which led to protests in Goan state.

Google has apologised to the workers and their families.

The Indian government has been taking steps to bring its e-tailing market under the government’s ecommerce platform Bharat Interface for Goods and Services Tax (BISGST), which has seen a steep rise in e-tailship prices.