Amazon wants to be the cheapest car dealership in the world

Amazon’s goal with its new business is to be “the cheapest car dealer in the United States.”

And that’s exactly what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants to accomplish, as the company has announced it is developing a new business model to compete with its own auto-buying business.

“Our goal is to create the largest, fastest-growing auto-retail business in the history of the world,” Bezos said during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

“We are building a platform to help the world buy and sell cars.”

Amazon has long been known for selling a number of its own products, but its most famous and lucrative is probably its $99 Echo smart speaker.

But it recently announced that it would be rolling out a number other products including its new Amazon Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot has been one of the more popular devices for Amazon, as it comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, a speaker, and a home-control hub.

It’s available in three sizes: smaller, medium, and large.

Amazon sells a few of its other products through Amazon Prime members, including its Echo speaker, which sells for $129.

Amazon has been rumored to be planning a new product for some time now, but the announcement today is the first time it has made one.

The new business plan was first reported by Business Insider.

Amazon did not provide any further details on the business plan, nor did it provide any details on how it plans to compete against its own business model.

“I think the Echo Dot is the future of home automation,” Bezos explained.

“If you are going to build a home automation system, you need a speaker.

And you need something to help you control the home from your smart device.

We want to create an experience that is a joy to use, a pleasure to use.”

The Echo’s success is likely due to its speaker, Amazon’s own Echo speakers, and its Home Assistant assistant.

Echo speakers have been around for quite some time, but Amazon said that it is now bringing them to more consumer products, including the Echo and Echo Dot, with the Echo’s Alexa.

The company has also made significant investments in home automation devices in recent years.

Amazon’s Prime subscription service has increased its total sales of connected devices to $3.6 billion, and Amazon’s Home Assistant has made its way into more homes across the world.

Amazon also plans to launch a new Echo smart home speaker in the coming months, though it has not said much about what its new product will be called.

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