Ford, Ford Focus, and Ford EcoBoost to get some $1 billion in financing deals

Ford will finance about $1.1 billion of its $4.4 billion Ford Focus and Ford Focus ST to support its F-Series pickup trucks and light trucks, according to the automaker’s annual report.

The Ford Focus is the company’s biggest financial deal ever and the company said it would make the finance payments in full on the new trucks, which will go on sale in 2019.

The finance deal, which the automakers calls a “financial partnership,” comes as Ford is ramping up its efforts to ramp up production of its FWD and F-150 pickup trucks, and its Focus electric car.

Ford’s financing of the F-100 and FWD is also the largest investment by an automaker in any of its vehicles since it entered the market.

Ford said the finance payment will help fund its investment in the FWD, which it expects to be ready for market by 2021.