Which UK banks do the best job?

RTE – 1 October 2018 – This article looks at the best British banks for individuals, firms and families.

It looks at how each bank stacks up to other big UK banks, including those that have a presence in the UK. 

The article includes: the top five UK banks by assets, with an overview of their strengths and weaknesses; a list of top UK financial services firms; the five UK firms that offer personal finance software; who is the UK’s top financial services firm?; and the five UK financial service firms with the most clients in the country.

Banks are ranked on assets, client base, profitability and customer satisfaction.

The banks are ranked based on the number of clients in their customer base.

For example, if a bank has 2,000 customers in the US, and its total customer base is 100, it will be ranked #1 in the world. 

Top 5 UK Banks By Asset: Barclays: $1.4 trillion