Which companies are investing in Google’s self-driving cars?

By MICHAEL HAGENAssociated PressAAPL.com/gmbtn/google-google-auto-investments Google’s Google Auto Ventures (GVA) plans to invest in several of the auto-sharing startups and carmakers that have become its most powerful competitors.

In a blog post Wednesday, Google said it will invest in three car makers, including BMW and Audi.

It said it would invest in the automotive startup Cruise Automation.GM and Toyota are the other two carmakers it plans to target.

Google’s investment will also include a $1.6 billion investment from BMW in Google Car, the carmaker’s self to car self-drive vehicle.

Google said it plans an investment of $500 million in the vehicle.

It will also invest $500,000 in Ford, $300,000 for General Motors and $200,000 each in Ford and Ford-owned Tesla Motors, which is also planning to invest $1 billion in self-to-drive vehicles.

Ford’s investments in Google are in autonomous vehicles, not autonomous trucks.

Google said the investments in its self-driving vehicles and trucks are aligned with its broader strategy to make self-Driving technology more widely available and affordable.

Google has been one of the top technology investors in the U.S. since the early 2000s.

Google invested in several carmakers including Ford and Audi, as well as other automakers including Volvo, Ford and BMW.

Google is the largest investor in Tesla, which announced plans Wednesday to invest up to $5 billion in its own self-driven vehicles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company has invested $2 billion in autonomous cars since the company launched its first prototype in 2015.

Google recently announced that it will begin selling cars equipped with its Google Maps navigation system in 2020.

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