How China’s yuan could hit $100 trillion within a decade

With a dollar-dollar price tag of $100, the yuan is set to hit $1,200 by 2021, according to data from Chinese data provider Baikalis.

But with the yuan pegged to the greenback, that could be even higher.

A dollar-pound pair of yuan will be worth about $1.27 in 2021, a more than 10% increase from the current price, according the firm.

China is the world’s largest economy with an economy of about $10.8 trillion and its currency is the yuan.

The country’s government, in the wake of the global financial crisis, has sought to prop up the yuan, which was last devalued in 2015.

The yuan has weakened over the past year in response to the fall in commodity prices.

China’s central bank last week announced that it would keep the currency at around 6.5% until 2019.